Alright. Alright. I'm 4 days late on this one. Give me a break! I've been a bit preoccupied. Today I'm narrowing in on the tone I want to set for this beautiful year ahead. I've been thinking about it a lot. I feel like every year I set goals that I break and every year I feel bad about it around January 15th, but this year feels different. Call it the sheer determination or the fresh start that moving cross country offers, but I'm resolving to do a lot of things differently this year. 

I tried to pick one word for the year. I did. I came up with the word intentional, which says mostly all I want to say. I want to be intentional in the things that I buy, the foods that I eat, the places I spend my money, and the goals I set professionally. I want to plan and anticipate more. I want to make choices that will impact my life on a larger scale. Even if it wasn't the new year, and I am so so glad that it is, I'd still be writing this blog. I've come to the conclusion lately that I need to do things differently. 

You know I work well in lists, so here's my list of goals for 2015!

1) HEALTH: I just moved to a place that has 300 sunny days a year. I need to be outside more. I need to be more active. I need to move more. Everyday.

2) HEALTH: Tucker and I have recently been bitten by the cooking bug. We're hoping and praying that it sticks, but even if it doesn't a goal of cooking at home at least 6/7 days a week should help. 

3) HOME: I want to continue to cut out the things that are unnecessary from my home, and replace them with things that are lasting. We did A TON of this in anticipation of the move, but we want to continue to do it in every square inch of our life. 

4) HOME: On that same note we want to purchase with intention. We want to buy things that will last. We want to buy things that we love. We want to buy things with stories. That sounds really fluffy to type out, but it's true. 

5) HABITS: Drink lots and lots of water. Clearer skin.

6) HABITS: I want to plan my week on Monday. This includes making and committing to a blogging schedule. 

7) MENTAL HEALTH: Rest. I want to take a day a week and make no plans.

8) MENTAL HEALTH: Read. I want to read a book a week, and I want to read the Bible everyday. I'll be using She Reads Truth's 365 plan!

9) MENTAL HEALTH: I want to write more. I really do. I love writing. I love blogging. I love writing letters and sending mail. So I'm resolving to make it a priority.

10) LEARN: I want to learn a few new things. Specifically I want to learn to make more things from scratch in the kitchen and I want to learn to sew. Pretty neat, right? 

11) PROFESSIONAL: I want to get better at telling stories visually. The best way to do that is to begin capturing my own. I'm resolving to take a photo-set of a few photos a day. A lot of them will end up here. Some of them will never see the light of day, but I'm excited to challenge myself to grow and tell our story better, while focusing on composition lighting, and creativity in shooting. Here's today's set: 

What are your resolutions? I'd love to hear them! There's strength in numbers right?