Swoon City // 4.14

Wow! What a week it's been! This week my incredible mother-in-law was in town and Tucker and I got to show her all around our favorite parts of Austin. We ate so much deliciousness and got to see some parts of the city that we rarely get to. This place is so big and I feel like there's always something new to discover. That's one of my favorite parts about living here and I'm always so excited to share in that with other people. 

So I decided to start a little re-occuring post because every week I find SO MANY awesome things that I want to share with everyone I know on the internet or otherwise. Here's the stuff that's caught my eye this week.

rise & grind

Interlaced Goods has this new fantastic mug out that's perfect to sip coffee or tea from, especially when you've got a rough case of the Mondays (or Thursdays!) Interlaced Goods is expanding it's current line of products and your purchase of this mug will help her do that. So go buy it already, it's only 15 bucks shipped if you use code: CHELSEAHEARTSINTERLACEDGOODS! 

with love from...

Love Ding is officially launching it's online store soon, but rumor has it you can shop now and get the jump on everyone else! I've got this pendant lamp and this pillow in my shopping cart! 


giving to get

I'm head over heels from this necklace from The Giving Keys! If you're local to Austin you can shop a great selection of The Giving Keys at Kiki Nass off of South Lamar! 


Modcloth is having a pop up in Austin and everything is wonderful and nothing hurts. Also Nicole, Mia and I tried on matching wedding dresses. Life rules and Rachel Lately blogged about the pop up wonderfulness and the fantastic Laura Morsman photographed the whole night. 

it's a party in Central VA

Some of the most brilliant minds in America have combined forces to make an incredible music festival happen. Lynchstock Music Festival is a celebration of life, music, art and community and you'd be crazy to miss out if you're close enough to join them. It's in Lynchburg, VA, tickets are on sale here and you should probably watch this awesome video to get ready.  

yes, that anthropologie...

Sometimes your friends are just too dang talented and there stuff gets sold in Anthropologie! Get down Poppy and Fern! Get down with your bad self! 

Bundrick's Traveling Tea Parlour

This morning a few friends and I fulfilled one of my life long childhood dreams. I've always been interested in have a real life, adult tea party and well... today we made that happen. Bundrick's Traveling Tea Parlour is, as their website so wonderfully puts it, "Austin's most amazing outdoor tea room." It's open for afternoon tea and it's just about the most darling thing in the entire world. 

Led by our good friend Irvi, we stopped by to enjoy Bundrick's afternoon tea service. We sipped on various pots of tea while it rained around us in 64 degree weather and it could not have been more appropriate weather. We did end up having to leave a little early, but that's not a big deal because I'm sure all of us will be back to again soon. 

To check out Bundrick's visit this website for hours and offerings. The traveling trailer is located off of 7th Street and Navosta under a big pecan tree in Austin, Texas!