Monday Funday

Monday Funday!

Photo by Ideology Photography

Photo by Ideology Photography

Photo by Ideology Photography

Photo by Ideology Photography

For a while now I've been trying to develop a little catch all for the good stuff. A little catch up. I've always been a little bit reflective at the beginning of the week so we're going to try this for a while. 

What I'm Buying:

I've been doing some shopping! As you probably know, Tucker and I work on a pretty tight budget monthly. Lately fashion and dressing myself well has become really important to me. This month I spent almost my entire $186 budget on things that I feel like are going to be staples of winter wardrobe. Why $186? Because each month I get a $36 fitness + workout budget for my Y membership + $150 of fun money to spend on whatever. I'm great at referral programs (if you want to join the Austin YMCA, let me know!) and so I'm on a few months of free Y membership! 

Here's what I've purchased and what I have my eye on!

What I'm listening to: 

Well I'm glad you asked! This week I've been obsessed with a few new podcasts! I've listened to every single episode (there are only 10 and they're only about 20 minutes each!) of Do Listen Twice! It's a podcast buy This American Life of all of Mike Birbiglia's best podcast hits. It's really great if you're a comedy fan. 

I've also been a sucker for true crime this month, maybe I'm just riding all of the spooky vibes leftover from Halloween! Right now I'm listening to Up and Vanished on the recommendation of my fantastic photographer friend Laura Morsman! I'm also super into Crimetown, which is new and so good! There are only 2 episodes so start now! 

What I'm doing:

This week I've had the honor of shooting with three of my favorite human beings Writes Like a Girl, Glitter + Lazers and The Stylish Disaster! I don't shoot with bloggers a ton, but I love these girls and I fully believe in what they're doing so I'm in love with getting to hang out with them and create photos for them. I also shot a super fun feature for Selva Beat magazine's blog which I'm just absolutely dying over. Here are few of my favorite out takes from that shoot. 

What I'm scheming:

  • Financial, personal and non financial business goals for the new year.
    Last week I met with a good friend who should have a second career as a financial planner and she helped me pave a roadmap to success. I'm so so excited to sit down and make big plans for 2017 this week with all her advice in mind. This includes planning client presents, workshops + conferences, and rebranding! And of course all of my business stuff falls into my personal life: restructuring my work week, setting savings goals, and planning monthly rest breaks! 
  • Just how to expand my little corner of the internet here (this blog). 
    I love blogging. I always have. I had a Xanga in high school that I wrote on every single day. I had two Live Journals in college, one that I kept secret and wrote letters to a friend on. I've had this blog for almost three years, now. I love it and for a while I've felt sort of like it didn't fit my business model. A few weeks ago I took Maggie Gentry's OWN YOUR WHY workshop and I realized that it can fit if I want it to. So here I am, writing you love letters + letting you in on all of my secrets + not-really-secrets. 
  • Networking events in Austin. 
    Starting this past summer I began hosting invite only networking events in Austin. It is my pride and joy! I'm looking to expanding them into being monthly in 2017. If you want on an invite list, leave your email in the comments below!
  • The Holiday Gift Guide + Christmas giveaways galore. 
    Yes. Yep. You heard me right. I'm bringing the Holiday Gift Guide back. I'll be rounding up some of my favorite gifts of 2016 just in time for the Christmas shopping to start! This years catagories: Gifts for your sister/bestie, for yourself, for your significant other and for your clients! 

That's all for now, y'all! Happy Monday!