I turned 28 on a cold day in the middle of December, same as every other time I matriculated in age. I went to dinner at my favorite food truck, a sentence that I’m sure will sound ridiculous when I’m looking back on this right before I turn 28.

We went to my favorite bar, sat outside next to a fire pit, and I got to intermittently hug nearly every single one of my best friends all night.

I insisted every person in attendance got into the photo booth at The Little Darlin (oh yeah, that’s the name of the bar) and pay for photostrips as a present for me. I did this last year and these photo strips are hands down among my prized possessions. I was wearing a white silk dress with black polka dots.

After we left the bar we went to a dance club and I danced to songs from the 60’s and 70’s and wingmanned my friend into kissing a very cute boy. I drank an inordinate amount of tequila and the next morning I woke up it was way too bright outside. My best friend Jon, who lives in Nashville but had flown all the way in from France to be there with me, was in the same boat as I was and we drug ourselves to breakfast at a greasy diner that happens to be an Austin institution. We ate pancakes and laughed about the night before.

To me this is the very definition of sublime. It was beautiful and free. My 27th orbit around the sun was difficult, but it taught me one big important lesson: it’s worth it to pursue finding your own life beautiful. In the spirit of celebrating a birthday I thought I’d share a birthday bucket list!

29 tasks is too many for anyone to accomplish.

Here’s the 14.5:

  1. Film a video of myself doing a choreographed dance.

  2. Buy a bicycle.

  3. Travel to 9 different destinations.

  4. Get a passport.

  5. Start a print shop!

  6. Learn to make ramen.

  7. Pay off $12,000 in debt.

  8. Only buy things I love.

  9. Write a screenplay.

  10. Photograph a magazine cover.

  11. Mentor someone.

  12. Continue therapy.

  13. Get two more tattoos.

  14. Write for a publication that I don’t publish and 14.5) get paid for it!