Small Goals: March

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I have to say, sitting down and writing out my March small goals is totally daunting considering my small goals guru Nicole, formerly of Writes Like a Girl (you read that right), made such a huge announcement in her goals post! Please go check out her new website Feel Good, Dress Better!  if you haven't already!  She is the reason I'm well dressed, the reason I keep at this blog, and she's always been a champion of putting what you have to say out into the world. I am so proud of her!

Now let's get right to it. 

March is one of my favorite months, because Austin, TX gets flipped, turned upside down into a big party with SXSW! With that in mind, I like to set goals that are both business and self care oriented! Before I get into that, let's check in with last months goals!

1) Get new luggage | Did it! I ordered this set from Oh Joy!'s Collaboration with Calpak! 

2) Plan two upcoming trips | Done! I booked a trip to Orlando (which I just got back from yesterday!) and to LA in April! Let me know if you want to work together while I'm in LA! I have some availability!

3) Try a dance class | Didn't happen! Maybe in April? 

4) Get a massage | I did it. I loved it. I want to be a person who gets a massage every month! It was so wonderful! 

5) Get my camera gear cleaned + prepared for SxSW | Didn't do it in an official capacity, but I did get it all straightened out for my Orlando trip and I cleaned my camera at home. In the coming months I'll need to get my camera serviced, though.

So what does March have in store? How about a lot of self care, a lot of fun, a fair amount of go go go, and a one big old festival thrown in the mix!

1) Take a full day off before SXSW! | I need it. It's going to happen. 

2) Book accommodations for my trip to LA | I have a few days booked in LA thanks to winning an Instagram giveaway, but I'm not sure for the rest of the trip! Any recs? 

3) Wear my watch | I got an Apple Watch for Christmas and I haven't worn it as much as I'd like. I'm trying to make it a point to wear it everyday. As I type this it's laying next to my computer. Fixing that now.

4) Take some time each day for me | This month is going to be crazy! I need to take a breather each day, get grounded, and stay healthy! That's my number one priority. 

5) Enjoy SXSW! | You guys, I'm not kidding. I love SXSW! It's insane, but it's also a reminder of all the big, beautiful things that can happen. I love going to keynotes to get inspired, sitting in the lobby of hotels and people watching, and getting to work with clients I've only ever dreamt of working with. This year is no different and I've got some awesome things in store. You're going to want to stay tuned-- this is going to be a good one!

Phew! I'm getting tired just thinking about this month! I better go drink some water and take a breather! What are your goals for March? I want to know! Leave them in the comments below or write your own blog post, and link them here!