Trusting My Intuition: One Month Check In

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When I was brainstorming exactly what I would be writing about today, I wasn't quite sure where it would go. I'm a list maker, as you know. I'm someone who needs to write out all the bad ideas in order to get to the good ones. Usually this process takes hours. I've never been very confident when it comes to exactly what I'm saying to you, here, in this space. I always fear that I might be distracting you from the fact that I'm a photographer who needs to book photography clients in order to continue on with this occupation. Generally, I brainstorm ideas and feel like they just don't fit in. Why would anyone want to read that, especially written by me? This process can sometimes be agonizing, but as someone who has blogged on an off for the better part of 15 years at this point, I really enjoy it. That's what I always come back to. I don't want to let this corner of the internet go because at the end of the day, it really and truly is for me, but I digress...

Today, when I sat down in front of a glowing laptop screen, paused the podcast I was listening to, and began to type I knew immediately I was going to update you on trusting my intuition. 

To recap, me trusting my intuition means going through a process of learning to make decisions apart from doubt and insecurity. It means going into an ice cream shop, and not worrying about all the flavors you aren't going to get to try in favor of just asking yourself what you want, right now. For me that answer is usually chocolate, but on occasion something vanilla based but also swirled with a baked good (coconut creme pie, for example.) Trusting my intuition, for me, is like asking an inner part of me who is connected to God to clarify the decision I need to make or the piece of information I need.

This sounds a little crazy, but I promise you it hasn't been. I feel very grounded, very level headed, and fairly at peace lately.

Lately, to track everything, I've been journaling to my intuition. I spent the majority of January learning to do so. It was a goal I set. Everyday I'd recap what I was grateful for, what I'd done during the day, and what my intuition had told me. Sometimes it would be something as simple as 'My intuition told me to take vitamin C and drink some tea, my scratchy throat means I might be getting a cold'... and then I'd begin taking vitamin C, drinking tea, and taking it a little easier and the cold would subsist. Sometimes it would be funny... like 'My intuition is telling me to stop worrying, it gives you wrinkles.' and I'd laugh at how silly that sounds, put on something I could sing along to, and belt at the top of my lungs leaving the situation feeling much less stressed. It told me to take my free time and rest three days in a row, so I did. It told me to go to New Orleans, and to consider sitting out on a to Seattle. It's told me a lot about subjects that normally leave me feeling paralyzed and stressed out. 

In short, it's been going well. I chose the right word for this year and I'm looking forward to what it's going to tell me during these next few months and into the rest of my life.

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