28 before 28: A Birthday Bucket List

When I think about birthdays, my thoughts are always mostly positive, even with a birthday as close to Christmas as mine. 

For me it isn't about presents, though my love language is gifts and I do enjoy them and feel very loved by a meaningfully thought out present, it's about about getting to spend time with a few people who have stuck by my side for the last year of my life.

My 26th year of life was, as you know, all over the place. I changed a lot as a person, as a wife, as a business owner, and as a human being. And I was lucky enough to be surrounded by a community of people who loved me and encouraged me to continue doing self work, even when it was messy and difficult. What I accomplished in my 26th year of life was actually a great deal now that I'm reflecting on it. But, with that being said, a few of the items from my '27 before 27' list didn't get accomplished and I'm 100000% okay with that. Here's what I did accomplish. 

✔️ 1) Shoot something for a nationally distributed magazine. ✔️ 2) Get a tattoo. ✖️ 3) Swim weekly. ✔️ 4) Choose my hard. ✔️ 5) Continue to develop my own personal style. ✔️ 6) Go camping.✖️ 7) Cook my way through "Small Victories" with Tucker. ✔️ 8) Leave the state before Christmas. ✔️ 9) Do something out of my comfort zone once monthly. ✔️ 10) Try therapy. ✖️ 11) Take Hank to advanced training classes + aid in his rehabilitation. ✔️ 12) Get a tattoo (was on the list twice, though I only got one!) ✖️ 13) Learn to make croissants. ✔️ 14) Say 'NO' more often and feel fine about it. ✔️ 15) Host 10 connection meet ups. ✔️ 16) Go to a conference. ✔️ 17) Be conscious of my happiness. ✖️ 18) KonMari our home room by room. ✔️ 19) Go on four vacations, ideally a vacation quarterly, no matter how large scale or small scale it is. ✖️ 20) Commit to a gratitude journal for the entire year. ✔️ 21) Pay off our credit card (though we managed to then reload it as if it was a gift card :-| ) ✔️ 22) Learn to be more organized. 
✔️ 23) Stick to a strict monthly budget for one month. ✔️ 24) Try a segmented schedule. 
✔️ 25) Watch the Best Picture Nominees. ✔️ 26) Creative direct a shoot that I'm not behind the camera for. ✔️ 27) Continue to grow my business + my general happiness all at the same time. 

So I completed 21/27 and I'm so proud of that. I'm a perfectionist, though-- so I'd like to have 28/28 next year.

When I was making my list for 28 I decided that I wanted everything to work towards a few common goals: my health, my happiness, and growing my business. Making this list was actually fun! One of the goals for 28 was to hire a business/life coach and so I did it early and she helped me formulate this list. And without further ado... 

1) Read 52 books in 2018.
2) Get a quarterly massage.
3) Try Whole 30.
4) Keep a weekly date night.
5) Track work hours.
6) Learn to make ramen. 
7) Travel 6 times for work. 
8) Get a second tattoo. And maybe a third. 
9) Attend a dance class.
10) Go to 12 concerts.
11) Get in the habit of working out.
12) Host a movie night. 
13) Hire a life and business coach.
14) Only purchase things I love. 
15) Rebuild and refresh my portfolio. 
16) Try Headspace for 10 days.
17) Go to the movies weekly.
18) Be more mindful.
19) Host 6 #ATXconnectionmixers. 
20) Pay of $12,000 in debt. 
21) Earn 2,500 hours towards my 10,000.
22) Go to Harry Potter world.
23) Learn to meal prep.
24) Go to Seattle and LA.
25) Buy more records.
26) Get a passport.
27) Keep a 2018 travel journal. 
28) Grow my business + happiness all at the same time. 

Do you make a birthday bucket list? What was on yours this year?