Small Goals: September


I am writing to you from a beautiful 68 degree morning here in Austin. I wore a sweater this morning. I ate breakfast outside. I'm drinking coffee outside right now. It is blissful. It's getting to be the most wonderful time of the year... you know... October-November-December. 

As far as August goes, I was right to make easier goals. The whole month was basically busy busy busy. I booked a ton of work (YAY!) and I worked through a ton of things on a personal + creative level. As some of you've noticed (and emailed me about, thank you for that gentle push!) I've all but given up on writing lately. I never show up here, even though I thoroughly enjoy it when I do. I

Well, I recently had a therapy breakthrough that led to a personal, laying in the floor of our bedroom, thinking through what I want out of this one big + beautiful life breakthrough, that led me here. So I'm believing that I'm in a better place to show up now. For you, whoever you are that might be reading this, + for me, but more on that later. Right now we're talking about goals!

Here's a little look into how I did on August's goals! 

1) Evaluate my morning routine. ✖️

Totally forgot about this, to be honest. I'm going to move this to September's goals!

2) Learn to love working out. ✖️

I let this slip this month, but I've put some good measures into place for September to hopefully rejuvenate my love for sweating. 

3) Purchase tank tops.✔️

Done! Bought several tank tops, just in time for the weather to get cooler! No regrets though!

4) New personal budget for Tucker + I! ✔️

I did it! But we still are in the trial period to see if it works!

 5) Eat my vegetables. ✔️

Done. We've eaten so many vegetables + we also purchased a Vitamix which has increased our fruits + veggie intake like CRAZY. 

What's up next for September? Well I'm glad you asked!

1) Evaluate my morning routine. 

It's back, back again! This month I'm going to try some new things + talk to my therapist about it. 

2) Be outside more! 

The weather is nice! Even if it gets hotter, Texas Summer isn't going to last forever-- I want to swim a few times + walk around the lake this month. 

3) Try something I've previously said I couldn't do.

So I honestly feel like I need to prove myself wrong about my abilities. I know what this thing is but I don't want to spoil it for you. I want my attitude to be 'I can' about a lot of things this month. 

4) Channel my inner Jenna Lyons.

Jenna Lyons is one of the most successful female business bosses out there + she eats the same thing for lunch everyday: A Cobb Salad. I don't like Cobb Salads but I think having a little routine would help. I'm going to attempt to eat the same thing for lunch everyday for 7 days. 

 5) Get a library card. 

I stole this goal from Valery, but it's a dang good one. It's time. 

What are your goals for the month? Let me know!