Small Goals: July

July is FINALLY here! Y'all. I feel like I've been waiting around for July since January started. I think it's might be my favorite month of the year. It's the middle of summer, which I love, even though it's scorching. It's also my anniversary month. Need I say more? 

This month I'll be taking a few weeks to travel and focusing a ton of effort on relaxing! Tucker and I are doing a mini staycation in Austin, going to Atlanta + to Charleston, SC! I promise to take lots of photos!

If you were wondering about June's goals, then wonder no more! Here's how I did: 

✔️1) Start rebuilding my wardrobe to maximize my personal style thanks to Feel Good, Dress Better-- a new workbook by my friend Nicole of Writes Like a Girl

Did it! Cleaned out my entire closet + started reshaping my wardrobe to better fit my fashion motto: Miss Frizzle meets Madewell!

✔️2) Launch my rebrand!

It's alive! I also ordered notecards, business cards + stickers! Yay! :) 

✔️3) Try a meditation/prayer combo to be more present!

I tried headspace + got through about 8 days of it and it really helped! I also tried to be more mindful and directed! I plan on carrying these intentions in to daily life moving forward. 

✔️4) Unplug more!

I did it for the most part! I've gotten way better about putting down the screens + having more conversations with those around me. I need to keep going with this one as well. I learned a lot. 

✔️ 5) Clean for 20 minutes daily!

So I love this intention a LOT but didn't get to do it as often as I'd have liked to. I plan on bringing it back and folding it into my daily routine moving forward though. 

So what are my goals for July? Well I'm glad you asked!

1) Get my car inspected. It's time. 

My inspection on my car has been out for a while. Way longer than I'm willing to admit. It's time to take care of it. 

2) Listen to more podcasts. 

I love podcasts. It's such a great educational alternative to watching TV while I work. They make me profoundly happy. I'm going to shoot for one a day. 

3) Go on a real vacation. 

It's finally happening. Tucker and I are celebrating 10 years of being together + 5 years of wedded bliss on the 8th + we're going to one of our favorite places in the US-- Charleston! I'm putting up a real out of office message, not checking my inbox, and checking out of the hustle + bustle of Austin for a little bit... I could not be more excited but I'd be remiss if I didn't say I was a bit... nervous? Taking a break seems daunting. I'm trying to learn to relax, y'all :) 

4) Schedule time for fun. 

I feel like with the addition of a vacation during the month of July, the rest of my days are pretty packed. I want to make sure I don't rush towards a burnout by working too much. I want to make time for happy hours, friends + reading this month. 

 5) Be present.

All of the intentions I've put in place over the past few months will be for nothing if I'm not actively trying to be present in the day to day. 

What are your goals for July? I'd love to hear!