Small Goals: August


It's almost August. Whoa. I feel like this month absolutely flew by! I know I say that every single month, but WHOA. How did we get here? 

July was full of fun, relaxation, evaluating + remapping for the rest of the year. 

And I hope it isn't presumptuous but I'm hoping August will be more of the same, plus lots of hard + fun work!

Before we get into that-- let's talk July goals!

1) Get my car inspected. It's time. ✔️

Did it! Woohoo! I got it registered too! At a drive up registration place + just basically squealed with excitement because I had dreaded doing it all forever and when it was time to get it done it ended up being pretty simple!

2) Listen to more podcasts. ✔️

I have listened to so many podcasts this month. Oh my word. I won't list individual episodes (but I have been known to share them on my Instagram story!) but I'll tell you my top ten from this month... yes 10... because we drove for a total of almost 40 hours on our vacation! GASP! 

  1. The Nerdist
  2. Bodega Boys
  3. Breakfast for Dinner
  4. Lore
  5. Revisionist History
  6. Up + Vanished
  7. House of Carbs
  8. A Piece of Work
  9. Modern Love
  10. Death, Sex & Money

3) Go on a real vacation. ✔️

Y'all. We did it. Oh my goodness. We did it. We took a real vacation. I'm going to talk about it more in the coming weeks, but oh my goodness. It was the best. We went crabbing. We ate a ton of good food. We relaxed. We took naps. We went on super long walks. It was basically bliss. I want to take more vacations. 

4) Schedule time for fun. ✔️

Did it! Happy hours, coffee dates, yes to FUN, the whole nine yards!

 5) Be present. ✔️

Did it! It's hard not to be present when you check out of your normal life, though! Looking forward to putting what I've learned into practice!

I'm pretty proud of the fact that I completed 5/5 of! Woohoo! I feel like I never actually accomplish that. 

So what's on the plate for August? Well I'm glad you asked? 

1) Evaluate my morning routine. 

Post vacation left me in sort of a morning slump. Sleeping in is easy + kind of encouraged on vacation, but in real life sleeping in is a great way to put me in a bad mood. New morning routine means 6am alarms, no phone until I'm dressed and hopefully a few new things! My friend Kelly talks a lot about starting her morning routine at bedtime, so maybe some of that too? 

2) Learn to love working out. 

For some reason writing about working out makes me feel weird + like theres some added pressure, but I'm doing it anyway. This month is all about me learning what I enjoy doing + where I enjoy doing it. I think I'm going to cancel my Y membership. Things are gonna get weird. 

3) Purchase tank tops.

It's so hot in Texas, and I somehow stumbled upon two magical sweater tank tops that made me not grimace when I see my arm in a mirror... and I'm never looking back. I need to purchase at least three more tank tops this month with my spending money.

4) New personal budget for Tucker + I!

We recently paid off a giant credit card which means I need to re-do our budget + reallocate some funds. Super excited about this one. 

 5) Eat my vegetables.

We recently signed up for a CSA box + our attempt for the month of August is to not waste a single vegetable. This means way more cooking at home + WE ARE STOKED. 

What are your goals for August? I'd love to hear!