As i'm typing these words I am a mere 28 hours away from a vacation and I absolutely can't wait. Tucker and I realized recently that the last time we took a real vacation we lived in Virginia... we've taken a few long weekends but other than that we haven't left the state together to do anything but go home for Christmas. 

Y'all, it's so time. I'm currently in the throws of all of the pre vacation busy, and I'd be lying if I said that even this... writing this blog is a bit of a task. Blogging this month, is going to be a posture of showing up so please, give me grace. 

I'm going to be brief, but yesterday I had a conversation (with my ever lovely therapist) that challenged me to reframe my mindset on vacation. Instead of trying to take two weeks off of work, something that seems incredibly daunting to me, I'm reframing it as working on different things. Instead of working on the professional, I'll be working on the personal. I'll be working on clearing my mind, working on getting lost in a city that I think I know, working on my creativity. So that's what I'm going to do! 

Wish me luck!