Why I Rebranded + Other Stories

Hello there! I'm so glad you're here! 

Let's get the obvious out of the way: I took a step back from the blog + from the website for a little bit because I knew I was at an intersection in life + in business. I knew it was time to focus my effort, figure out what I want to do and why I'm doing it, and figure out what that meant for the future. The past few months have been spent realizing something really beautiful: I am a full time photographer. This is my job that pays my bills and supports me financially. Is it scary still? I feel like anytime you're your own boss it is!

But this was always THE dream.

That was my BIG goal.

With this realization, came another: I can't be dominated by fear anymore. I can't waste anytime looking over my shoulder, wondering if this is all going to end. I can only prepare, make myself better as an individual and a business, and keep moving forward. 

If I've learned anything from the past two months it is this: I want to make photos, serve people in this way, and show people the beauty in their own lives for the rest of my own. 

So what does this mean?
Well... it's time to set new goals + dream bigger. 

And this meant I needed an upgrade. 

My old branding was WONDERFUL. My fantastic husband designed it and I loved it fiercely. I loved my full name and what I quickly realized after we finished the initial branding was... Chelsea Laine Francis is a mouth full. I also didn't pick a color scheme that I loved when I picked dusty pink + mint green-- it just seemed FUN! I also had no clue who I was as a creative at the time... so I was of no help to my husband when he was making me logo. And what he delivered was more than beautiful, but I knew I would rebrand eventually when I had some direction. 

When I wrote out my goals for 2017, rebranding was #1. I knew that this website needed to reflect me now, not me in 2014 when I bought this domain.

So enter Corey Carbo. I met Corey through my good friend April of Pieceology Vintage! Corey is a Louisiana native who has an affinity for anything southern and full of soul. When I reached out to her initially I was SO NERVOUS because I was afraid she wasn't taking on new clients (she is on a limited basis) and I was a little bit intimidated by the whole process. Corey had worked on a few great brands that I know and love like Pieceology Vintage, Adventure Assist and The Paper + Craft Pantry (she even painted that GORGEOUS mural out front!) and I knew that she was really great at what she does. Corey could not have been a better choice for this project. She guided me through everything, she was an expert on the whole process of rebranding + she created an identity package for me that was absolutely beyond my wildest dreams. 

So welcome back! I'm glad to be here with this Facelift, and I'm excited for this next chapter.