Stuffing Stockings with Modcloth

Growing up, my stockings were always full of socks, oranges, and candy. It was in no way a highlight of the Christmas season for me. My mom always made me open my stocking first, and I'd have to feign excitement about each and every candy cane and mandarin. 

When I spent my first Christmas with my now husband, Tucker, I was shocked at how big of a deal stockings were in his home. 

They were everything. Each stocking was handmade for each individual person, and you got a stocking at both his grandparent's house and his parents house. 

And the best part? They were full of highly specified gifts for each person. My stocking had books, cute gloves in my favorite color, hand knit washcloths from Tucker's grandma, fun candies from different countries, small kitchen gadgets, stationery, and one year there were even leggings in my stocking. To this day it's one of my favorite traditions in Tucker's family. 

Today I'm so excited to be partnering with Modcloth today to show you a few super Stocking Stuffer ideas. The key is to think outside the box, and choose items that are both small and perfect for the stocking recipient. 

1) Bright Ideas Productivity Journal to write down all your brilliant ideas in. 
2) Comfy in Confetti Hat to keep you warm and cozy in the blustery winter weather. 
3) Rad Women A-Z Postcards, to send to the amazing women in your life. 
4) Besame Lipstick in Rip Roaring Radiance, to be the perfect red for New Year's Eve
5) Soft and Cozy Leggings, to curl up with a mug of hot chocolate and watch Elf in. 
6) Right on the Nose Eyeglasses Holder, to keep your glasses off the table. 
7) Fair Warming Gloves, to keep your hands warm
8) Dachshund, Sealed, Delivered Letter Holder, to organize your desk. 

What unexpected item do you hope to see in your stocking this year? 

P.S. Today Modcloth has FREE Ground shipping on orders over $50 that will get your goodies to you just in time for Christmas!