January Small Goals!

January is in full force + I could not be happier y'all!

If you would have asked me two days ago if I was excited about the new month that's upon us, I would have told you I was really really trying to be. 

But today is a new day and today I am stoked about it!

A new month means it's time to set new small goals! For this set of tiny goals I decided to put my best foot forward and jumpstart the year focusing on a handful of the intentions I set for the year. I'll be telling you all about my word of the year and what I'm hoping 2017 will bring me, but for now I'll leave you with this: 2017 is going to be much more intentionally awesome than any year I've had yet. 

So what am I going to accomplish goals-wise in January? 

1) Get back into a gym routine. 

Yep. It's back to the ol' pool grind for me. I'm also thinking about going to a Zumba class at the Y as well! 

2) Read 5 books.

This year I'm trying to re-claim reading-- something that in the past has come to mean a lot of anxiety for me. 

3) Pay off at least $2000 on our credit card & end the month with a balanced budget. 

Between the holidays, a lot of unexpected dog expenses, and our own complete lack of attention to our finances, we've let our credit card payments go. This year we're going to pay that thing completely off (hopefully by April or May!) and we're starting with a bang!

4) Start Hank's adult basic obedience training classes.

Our good boy is about to get a lot better.

5) Begin Therapy!

I began the search for a therapist last month and I'm so excited for my initial consultation this month! If you're looking for a therapist, check out Nicole's post about how to find a therapist!

What's on your plate for the month? What small goals are you setting?