Creating a Happy Workspace with Love Ding

When it comes to being an organized adult, I am still very much learning. I knew that one of my priorities for this year was turning my workspace into a place that made me feel happy and capable. Doesn't that sound dreamy?

A few months ago, I met with Denise from Love Ding and talked about her on working on a office space re-do! She was on board and I was absolutely over the moon. I've known Denise for a while because she sells beautiful vintage or vintage inspired things, and I thoroughly enjoy buying those things. We're a match made in heaven. 

When talking about the space I realized there were several things that were really important to me. My endgame here was to have a beautiful space, yes, but my larger goal was to create an area that would make me feel peaceful + rejuvenated while I was working. 

Before my space felt cramped. It felt disorganized. It felt lifeless and it felt like it wasn't very... me. We sat out to create a space that was the opposite of all those things -- something unique to me, something functional, and something that felt alive, organized and welcoming. Here are a few tips that we kept in mind when helping create this happy little workspace. 

1) Thoughtfully figure out your storage. 

I have a lot of props, film, old checks, files, contracts, tchotchkes and other various things that needed space to live. I also have candles, matches and notebooks that have amassed in such large quantities that they needed a home, as well as a great deal of printed and instant photos. Denise found these gorgeous shelves, and a great wire grid. As far as practical solutions go, I realized that I needed to clear out some cubbies next to my desk to house things like my planner and my list pad. 

2) Sprinkle some inspiration throughout. 

I have always kept a little folder or box of inspiration that stores little clippings from magazines, vintage postcards, pretty invitations, stickers that don't have a home, and cards I've received in the mail. There are also a good deal of blurry photos in there too. In addition to adding in the wire grid, I recently purchased this curtain rod from Ikea that's minimal enough for me to use as a inspiration hanger. 

3) Incorporate things that are valuable to you. 

As I mentioned I like having photos on display, but I also have a few things that I wanted to incorporate into my workspace that are kind of random like a pinecone from the Blue Ridge Parkway, some brass animals that I purchased from Love Ding last year, a vase that I won in an Instagram giveaway from Javalina Ranch, and carved and painted donkey that I bought from my first visit to Rountop. These were the items that we based all the decor around. 

4) Add some life to the space (like a plant!)

The major thing that my last workspace lacked was life. I couldn't quite put my finger on what I was talking about until I realized that I hadn't added any plants. I had one little moment for a vase that I always had intentions of keeping fresh flowers in, but generally it leaned toward the dry + dying flower side. Denise and I worked together on this and decided that low key, hard to kill plants were the way to go. Eventually I think I might want to switch up the terra cotta, and add in some more brass -- like this planter from Love Ding


Whats the most important feature for you when it comes to building a happy workspace?