Small Goals: August

Hello there!

It's crazy how quickly time passes when you're having fun or when you're so busy that you forget to shower for days. Either/or. 

I'm not going to lie, you guys. I was absolutely not ready for July. 

When I walked into the month I didn't expect to completely re-evaluate my life. But alas, that's what July had in store for me. 

A little backstory-- on July 4th I finally confessed to myself and everyone around me that my current business model wasn't working for me and that I was interested in changing it. I was overworked, underpaid and I needed a break all around. I began looking for part time jobs, full time jobs, and everything in between. I got a bunch of interviews, all of them for full time jobs, and all of them very promising. Then I realized that that's not at all what I wanted. 

I just needed a break. I needed to breathe. I needed to figure myself out for a second. 

The financial burden of being self employed is a hard weight to carry. Coupling that with feelings in general can sometimes feel like too much. If you feel that, know you're not alone. 

I told all of the full time job prospects that I wanted to withdraw my application. 

And then I got a great part time job doing social media for a cross stitch company out of Utah. I'm feeling a bit more free + I'm excited for August!

Enough about that, you're here for GOALS!

Here's how my goals went for July:
1) Get a haircut & evaluate my wardrobe. 
Y'all I chopped it. My hair is gone! Success!

2) Go to an exercise class that's out of my comfort zone. 
While I didn't attend a class, I did ride a bicycle all over downtown Austin this past weekend and it was definitely not as easy as I thought it would be. Thank God for pedal assist bikes!

3) Evaluate my portfolio.
Did it. Also evaluated my entire career. So it goes...

4) Open a business bank account.
Did it! Couldn't be more excited about it either!

5) Celebrate my 4 year anniversary! 
We went tubing down the river and it was absolutely perfect!

So what's in store for August? Well... I'm so glad you asked!

1) Stick to a monthly budget. 
2) Makeover our bedroom.
3) Bake a cobbler. 
4) Go to 10 classes at the YMCA.
5) Plan a vacation.

What's on your goal list for the month? Let me know or link it up via Write's Like a Girl's #goaldigger link up!