Small Goals: July!

It's hot outside you guys! The pool is constantly calling my name and I am answering. I've always got a cantaloupe or a watermelon handy. The fireworks stands are lining the highway in between all of the peach stands. That means it must be JULY! Summer is in full swing and I could not be happier about it. 

Here are my goals from June:

1) Read 2 books. // Didn't do it! Ran out of time.

2) Do it now. // I did it and I learned to do things I don't want to do! 

3) Swim once a week, Bike once a week. // Did it! I also joined the YMCA!  

4) Spend more time with #hankfromaustin. // Did it! And he's being a pretty good boy now!

5) Open a business bank account. // ... My DBA isn't here still but I got an email that it's on its way!

For July I plan on re-evaluating my business & my body of work. I also plan on investing some time into myself and continuing to further my health and fitness goals and ideologies. 

1) Get a haircut & evaluate my wardrobe. 

I've been feeling pretty blue with my style lately. My body is going through some changes and things that you used to look great on me don't anymore. I think getting a new 'do will help. 

2) Go to an exercise class that's out of my comfort zone.

I am so so comfortable in the water. I can swim like a fish. I do water aerobics like a boss. But other classes? They feel scary. Will I take Aqua Yoga? Will it be a Zumba class? Who knows! We'll fine out.

3) Evaluate my portfolio. 

Essentially I will be sorting through hundreds of thousands of photos to figure out what I enjoy most and what I do best. NBD. :|

4) Open a business bank account.

Will this be the month? Fingers crossed. 

5) Celebrate my 4 year anniversary!!!!!

It's coming up on the 8th! Isn't that crazy?!

What's on your goal list for the month? I want to know!