Happy Things

Y'all the past few weeks have been insane. My life sort of got flipped + turned upside down an while I'm a-okay now, I wasn't for too many of the past twenty or so days. I made some lists, I decided that I was unhappy in certain areas of my life, and I decided to push on. It's hard to come to a realization like that. If you're there right now, you can talk to me. I've been in the thick of it. Because I love sharing lists and I love reading lists, I thought I'd publish a happy little one. Happy Sunday!

  1. photoshoots that go well
  2. deciding to do something different + then doing it
  3. postcards
  4. mail
  5. clean water
  6. cold, leftover pizza
  7. the number thirteen
  8. the color emerald
  9. business bank accounts
  10. fast memory cards
  11. movie trailers
  12. going to the movies alone
  13. my pup, Hank
  14. weird cameras
  15. lager beer
  16. earrings
  17. beeswax candles
  18. essential oils
  19. not being intimidated by silence
  20. soundtracks to films
  21. pools
  22. swimming
  23. cold water
  24. 100 degree weather
  25. popsicles
  26. magazines
  27. when a stranger tells you they like your dress
  28. new agendas
  29. swimsuits that fit
  30. shorts that don't fit anymore
  31. sports bras
  32. a happy husband
  33. bahn-mi
  34. the word noodle
  35. naps
  36. good client feedback
  37. summer skin
  38. getting to mentor someone
  39. educational books
  40. early bedtimes
  41. early alarms 
  42. my swim team
  43. going to classes
  44. the Hamilton soundtrack
  45. comic-con
  46. felt banners
  47. the vibrance tool in Lightroom
  48. new pieces of jewelry from new friends
  49. clean blankets
  50. all the laundry put away.