10 Frames with Maggie Shirley

I absolutely love a name that's comprised of double first names. To me Maggie Shirley seems like the name of a very witty and famous author from the 1930's with titles like It's Not That Depressing by Maggie Shirley or New Deal With It by Maggie Shirley. The name just seems so notable, which is fitting.

Maggie is much cooler than my anecdote about her name. She's sweet, witty , incredibly kind and one of the most interesting people I know. I'm so happy to know her & when she reached out to have some photos taken of her I absolutely almost fainted I was so excited. She emailed me while sitting next to me at a co-working meet up. I yelped out loud. 

When we got together it was just beginning to get super hot in Austin. That didn't' stop us from throwing confetti in the air though! After our session I sent her out on the town because she looked so great. Here are 10 of my favorite photos from our session.