Small Goals: June!

Whoa. It's June already. June is my favorite month for so many reasons. It's my husbands birthday month! It's the month before my anniversary. It's when the summer starts getting hot & the grocery stores are overflowing with citrus. I could swim like every day if I had time & it wasn't raining! June is fantastic. It's so hard to believe May is over!

During the month of May I accomplished a lot! We got some obedience training for Hank. I started shooting a dream project for a local publication (more on that in July!) and I got to try out a new brunch place in the name of journalism. I got out of town for a couple of days with Tucker. I planned a fantastic networking brunch and I taught a couple of workshops. 

Here were my small goals for May! 

1) Budget like crazy. 
2) Figure out how to wash my face. 
DID IT. But I'm still wanting to explore more. 
3) Sell some camera gear.
Didn't do it. Whoops!
4) Rest well (and maybe go to the beach.) 
BOOM DID IT. I went to Rancho Pillow and I got into a rhythm of swimming and getting outdoors. 
5) Schedule smarter.
DID IT. I stopped working for the sake of working and I started making nightly to-do lists for the next day!

May went by crazy fast. I'm hoping June goes by a little slower. Here's what I want to do in June!

1) Read 2 books.

I'm thinking "In Defense of Food" by Michael Pollan & a good novel!

2) Do it now.

Nicole and I talked about this last week in the pool. I'm going to adopt a 'no waiting' attitude on things that I'd normally let go & let stress me out. Dishes? Do it now. Those last three emails that never get answered? Do it now. Hank is chewing on the rug because he's bored and needs to go on a walk? Do it. Do it now. 

3) Swim once a week, Bike once a week. 

So I've been on a little health journey lately which has included help from a few apps & trying to do exercises that I enjoy. I reignited my love for swimming as exercise and I want to get in the habit of making time for it. My husband also recently started biking everywhere & he likes for me to bike with him even though I am slow and I complain a lot while I do it. 

4) Spend more time with #hankfromaustin. 

I don't know how much anyone know's about our dog, Hank, but recently we've had some severe behavioral issues with him. He was a rescue and we know little about his life before us, but it seems that he was fed inconsistently and he has some trust issues. He's been having resource guarding issues as well as a few others. There was a time in the past month that we thought he might need to go live somewhere else because our nerves were so shot. But we couldn't let that happen without trying harder. I'd like to ensure he goes on two walks a day & we're looking into some more training for him. We love our pup and we're fighting very hard to keep him in our pack. If you're the praying type, keep us in your prayers because it's been so hard mentally to weigh our options and to keep on. He's shown some improvements and we're hoping it continues! If you have good vibes or any recommendations for reading: send them our way too! 

5) Open a business bank account. 

... because I should have done this in January. 

What's on your goal's list for June? I want to know!