Around Here with Grove Collaborative

Occasionally I like to catch you up with life around here is looking like. Life has looked a lot different lately than it ever has before and I'm feeling really good about it.

About 3 weeks ago I woke at 5:30am with my husband, Tucker. He has to be at work on most mornings at 6am. I decided that after years of wanting to be a morning person, I was going to decide to be a morning person. I was going to give it a try. So at 5:30am my body left the bed and I walked our dog and made the decision to go for a 6:30am swim at Barton Springs Pool. If you aren't from Austin then you probably don't know how cold this pool is. I've always wanted to swim early in the morning and I've always been to afraid. I don't know what came over me that day but I decided that it was what I wanted. I've been in the water everyday and I've woken up at 5:30am or 5:45am on most days since. 

Swimming everyday has had a lot of an impact on my life. It's turned me into a person who gets the correct amount of sleep (7 and a half hours instead of 9!) and a person who manages their stress better than before. It's also been a healthy, positive change in my life that was pretty easy for me to make which feels good. 

We've been eating a lot of salads because it's way too hot to cook and because our CSA is chockfull of delicious summer veggies! Our go-to foods have been frittatas when it's not too hot to run the oven & salads full of farro & barley with a squeeze of lemon + tons of olive oil on top. 

I've also been determined to turn myself into someone who enjoys cleaning. I recently read an article somewhere on the internet about turning things that you don't enjoy into things that you do enjoy by adding a new element to the task. Recently I began listening to podcasts when I do something my I'd rather avoid and it's been pretty wonderful. I've turned into the roommate that does the dishes! 

One more thing I've been loving lately is Grove Collaborative! Grove Collaborative is company that will deliver natural and affordable home, beauty and personal products right to your door. If you know me you know these two things: 1) I love efficiency. 2) I always forget something when I go to the store. Grove Collaborative helps me with both of those things. The prices are comparable to the grocery store too-- which I love! If you want to give it a try here's $10 and a free Mrs. Meyer's hand soap to get you started!