Janelle Whitehead // Texas Heat

When I moved to Austin just over a year and a half ago one of the first people to befriend me was this gal. Janelle was kind to me and at a time when I needed it most she told me I was doing a good job & that I hadn't made a mistake moving here.

Since then Janelle has started a photography business that will be launching soon. She landed a job in coffee, something she's always wanted to do! She works for ethical clothing companies & she's basically a jack of all trades. Did I mention she moonlights as a model as well? She does. 

A week or so ago on one of the first over 100 degree days we've had in Austin, Janelle and I decided to shoot. I pass this building everyday and I finally figured out that it seemed to be unoccupied. It was exactly what I was wanted for this shoot. I was thinking light with flower and I got light with flowers & 100 degree+ temps. I wouldn't have changed a thing about this shoot.