Dulcis Almond Milks

I'd like to start out this post by saying that I am not normally an alternative milk fan. I don't eat almond milk in my cereal. When I go to a coffee shop a soy cappuccino is never my drink of choice. I've never met an alternative milk I've liked as much as organic cow's milk. I have a lot of opinions about this stuff because my husband is a barista and a coffee trainer and that makes me have opinions about things like milk and milk substitutes.

And then walked in Sarah Velasquez... the patron saint of almond milks.  The milk that she makes is heavenly. She has a turmeric almond milk that tastes like Christmas. If I was given the opportunity 10/10 times I would choose an iced almond milk latte with Sarah's turmeric almond milk over a cappuccino any day. It's seriously fantastic. 

Sarah is officially in the process of launching Dulcis and I'm so proud of her. When she asked me to photograph her products I was elated. She's made a product that is truly delicious and equally good for you. If you are in the Austin area and you have any sort of lactose allergy or you're a fan of almond milk you should order some from her because man, it is good!

To order email sarah@dulcismilks.com!