Mindy's Bakeshop in Black & White

Boy oh boy do I love someone who is good at their job. Everyday, and some days every hour I try to be better at my job than I was previously. I always try to move forward and improve. I try not to settle for 'good' or 'fine'. I want to be excellent. Fantastic. 10/10. I blame my parents work ethic growing up-- my mother was a pressman (she printed the newspaper!) and my father was a logger who made timber for building projects. They taught me to work hard.

When I meet someone who has that work ethic I am always struck with awe. That's how I felt when I met Mindy of Mindy's Bakeshop. She told me about a job she once held where she baked at a hotel restaurant and worked 12-15 hour days and she did it until she knew she had to get out. She knew her limits. She knew what she was and was not capable of and she knew she needed a life. From that moment on I knew she had grit. I knew she was the real deal. 

And then I tasted her baked goods. She's so incredible at what she does and I am so glad to know her, let alone have a part in building her brand. Last week she and I set down and took some photos for her new website launch and she brought over some delicious & photogenic treats. 

You'll see all of the full color versions on her site, but until then here are some of my favorites in black & white!