Happy List // May 17th

To keep my head and my heart in check I like to make lists about the good stuff in the everyday. I make a practice of trying to not take anything for granted and this help. Here's my happy list for today. 

1) these flowers. 
2) that inspiration is everywhere, even (especially?) in trader joes
3) friends that tell you repeatedly that you are enough.
4) people who tell you your bad ideas are bad
5) coworking
6) the color blush
7) patterned soft pants
8) cool projects with cool people
9) dance music
10) headshot sessions
11) the Blacklist even though it is stressful
12) Tucker's guitar playing prowess
13) mail
14) getting to work for myself
15) plants even though I can't keep them alive
16) this little blog
17) that I know how to wash my face now
18) burritos
19) vegetables
20) i learned to make risotto
21) dog training
22) the rain
23) going on walks
24) margaritas
25) list making

26) journals
27) clients that understand your vision
28) friends that tell you it looks like you've lost weight
29) comedy
30) my fantastic friends
31) almond milk
32) being able to pay bills
33) coffee
34) birds chirping
35) my pup Hank
36) records
37) pencils
38) anniversaries
39) Guy Clark's life
40)  hydration
41) new suede pointed espadrilles
42) emails
43) wine
44) cooking
45) birthdays
46) meeting new people
47) papermate fine tip markers
48) instagram
49) creative community
50) churros