Rancho Relaxation

Lately I've been trying to be really good about balancing work and living. Work and life have always been a pretty easy balance for me. For example: I can work while I hang out with my husband. I can work while my dog plays outside. I can work constantly and still have my life. I'm really good about that. But what I'm not good at is taking time off and pressing pause and actually enjoying real life. 

Deciding to get good at that was one of the best decisions I've made. Tucker and I also recently decided to see more of Texas and one of the spots on our list was the tiny town (population 90) of Round Top mainly because of the pie. 

Rancho Pillow is a fantastic getaway from the buzz and bustle of Austin. It is as serene as it is secluded and the loudest thing you hear there is the mooing of the cows that live in the field behind the Love Shack. It's an absolutely stellar getaway from whatever you might need a break from. For me I was running to some calm and some peace of mind. I was able to relax in the saltwater wading pool, walk around in my swimsuit and enjoy the sun. The place is an absolute treasure and I'm so glad I got to share in it. The whole place is truly special. 

Thanks for the Topo, the salty hair, the poetry library and the fun Rancho Pillow!