Dago + Nicole // In Love

It's an absolute honor to get to do what I get to do if you really think about it. I started pursuing photography full time because I knew how vulnerable it could be to be in front of a camera. To get to photograph love between two people, and to have them invite you in past smiles and hugs is truly something special that I pray I never take for granted. Nicole and Dago are two of my dearest friends. I've thought for days about how I was going to write about them. I wanted to articulate their story well. I wanted to tell you how they met at St. Edward's University and how they weren't ready for each other when they did meet and it took them a while to get there. I wanted to tell you all about their life, their podcast and their cat Contessa. I wanted to tell you about how Nicole was my first friend in Austin and when I felt utterly and totally alone in a new city I loved dearly, she befriended me and connected me and made me feel like I was cool and important. I could tell you that they are completely and totally in love, choosing one another every single day when they're having fun or when they're bored and watching cat videos online.

But I realized this morning that those are just a few of the most important things I could tell you about them. No embellishments I could add could make that story better. At the end of the day Dago + Nicole's relationship is more about the connection between them that I feel like you can see in these photos. It's the way they can't keep a straight face and they always think the other is funny. They are the sum of their gorgeous story, yes, but that's not what will keep them together in the long run. What I know of love is that it's always been more about connection and communication and laughing at the same jokes and loving the same cat and eating pizza bites on couches that are falling apart and on new couches too. 

Love is beautiful, even and especially when it's what you've been doing for a while now.