April Small Goals

I can never actually believe that the month is over when I sit down to right these. 

March was the fullest/craziest/best month I've had since moving to Austin. It was packed to the brim with SxSW, handling doggy drama, making our new place feel more like home, a bunch of fantastic workshops, talking about Instagram at a Bossbabes Event, and of course eating a ton of good  food

For March, I set super easy goals!

1) Send my portfolio to a major US publication. (Maybe already accomplished this one upon writing this blog)
Did it. I haven't heard back but I feel pretty good about the fact that I put myself out there and applied. 
2) Print out some of my favorite work for the past year.
I didn't actually do this, unless you count printing out my Marfa trip for my art show at Kiki Nass! 
3) Attend SxSW & work with a dream client or two (coughcough
Y'all. Sigh. SxSW was an absolute dream. I got to work with both 3M & Mashable. This past week Forbes wrote a piece about 3M's fantastic innovation! I got to meet a ton of great people, and I got to see a bunch of great musicians. All in all SxSW was a dream, a very sleep deprived dream.
4) Clear off my laptop.
Did it! It already needs to be cleared off again though. 
5) Have fun. 
I had so much fun in March. I even went to a tea party. How's that for fun? 

For April, I'm not being so easy on myself. 

1) Go to the beach.
2) Dance more for exercise. 
3) Commit to a blogging schedule. 
4) Work smarter. Rest harder. 
5) Use Myfitnesspal for the next 30 days. 

What are your goals for the month?