May Goals 💐

It's May! Does this mean all the rain we had in April is about to pay off? I sure hope so. I'm ready with camera in hand. It's that time of year where all I want to do is be outside and eat churros. Actually, that's most months but who's counting? It's pool weather, sandal weather and warm-skin-and-wet-hair weather which is my favorite, y'all.

A new month means new goals and you better believe I'm excited about it. 

1) Go to the beach.
I didn't go to the beach but I'm calling this one accomplished for this reason: Tucker and I did take a trip this month to Rancho Pillow & I'm scheduling a trip to the beach with some girl friends in May. 

2) Dance more for exercise. 
You guys! I did it! I danced nearly every week. I danced in my back yard, in our bedroom while putting up laundry, and I even made it out to a Zumba class. Hi five me!

3) Commit to a blogging schedule. 
If you're reading this you probably already know that I accomplished this one too. What. Even. 

4) Work smarter. Rest harder. 
I went to the pool. I started a book. I set some work blocks and I gained some peace of mind that I desperately needed-- that you don't have to look busy and stay busy on work exclusive things. Sometimes you can be busy by the pool and that's just as important as being busy answering emails. 

5) Use Myfitnesspal for the next 30 days. 
Did it. And I'm not trying to brag or talk about it yet, but I definitely lost 10 pounds doing it. 

So what's on my plate for May? With all that I accomplished health wise in April I want to keep up the momentum. For the first time in my life I feel like making healthy choices feels good and right about 85% of the time... and that's enough to move me in the right direction. My goals for May look like this: 

1) Budget like crazy. 
2) Figure out how to wash my face. 
3) Sell some camera gear.
4) Rest well (and maybe go to the beach.) 
5) Schedule smarter.

What's on your May goals list? I want to know!