Bricolage Curated Florals

If you know me at all you know I love flowers. I also love people. It should be no surprise to you at all that occasionally I seek out people that love flowers and ask them to let me take their pictures. The incredibly talented Samantha Jensen of Bricolage was one of the first Austin florists I met. Since about April or May of last year Sam & I have tried to carve out some time to get together and shoot photos and it got pushed back. 

A couple of months ago, Sam moved into her new studio space. It's one of the most gorgeous interiors I've ever photographed. It's full of natural light. It smells like greenery and whatever flower might be blooming from her latest haul of stems. It feels like home and it's Sam's personality to make you feel like you're fully welcome in her studio home. You want to kick your shoes off and stay a while. When I shot these photos the session was sandwiched between two others, but I could have lingered all day with some coffee in my hand. What I do recall though, is finding out some of the best business news of my life and getting to share it with Sam in during our session. We'd talk about something else for a while and she'd interject with "Sorry, I just can't believe so and so hired you! That's so freaking exciting." 

Sam is an incredible florist, excellent at making a cup of coffee, and an advocate for small businesses. She's always encouraging and more than her talent, which is vast, she's someone you want on your team. Enjoy getting a peek into her studio and if you're ever near her place on 6th street, knock on the door and say hello. 

These photos were published in the April edition of Tribeza (available on stands now!) and online