March Small Goals

It's crazy how real you have to get when you set goals monthly. Going through my goals for February made me realize just how un-great some months are for goal setting. To be honest February was a STRUGGLE. I didn't book enough work. I didn't make some goals because of it. I had to figure out how to get a new camera. So. Many. Things. Went. Wrong. 

That's all the negativity I'm going to give it because February is over! Here were my goals for February:

1) Book the amount of work I need to book in February! 10 sessions, you guys. It's scary. 
Nope. But in the process I learned that February can be a bad month for freelancers. The more you know. 
2) Hang out with Hank outside more. 
Nailed it. 
3) Get ready, get dressed, take care of myself and put on happiness everyday in February. 
I put more efforts into it, but I think I want to be mindful always. So success? I think? :) 
4) Pay off $1000 in credit card debt & put at least $600 back into savings. 
Nope. Just didn't happen this month. But soon! 
5) Cook alongside Tucker at least once a week. 
Did it! Yay!

Here are my goals for March

1) Send my portfolio to a major US publication. (Maybe already accomplished this one upon writing this blog)

2) Print out some of my favorite work for the past year.

3) Attend SxSW & work with a dream client or two (cough, cough

4) Clear off my laptop.

5) Have fun. 

March is absolutely slaying January & February so far. I'm excited to see what goals you set for the month! What's on your short list?