Painted Planter Party at The Paper + Craft Pantry

One of my favorite creative outlets is making things with my hands. That's why Pei from The Paper + Craft Pantry and I are friends + we get along so well. She asked me a few months back if I'd like to host a monthly DIY party with her and I, of course, said ABSOLUTELY. We usually do a simple craft that can be accomplished in an hour, and it's always available at a super affordable price point. They sort of operate like a crafty happy hour. 

Last night Pei and I hosted 19 fabulous women & one of their incredibly supportive boyfriends in an evening of painting tiny terra cotta pots & planting little succulents. More than anything the whole experience is relaxing and fun for everyone. We had sangria + cookies, we listened to a playlist that had the perfect amount of Justin Bieber sprinkled in, and we had a blast! Thank you to everyone who came out to party plant style with us :) 

This week I'm hosting three workshops back to back and if you're not doing anything tonight, you should come make beaded necklaces with me at Whole Foods!