Texas French Bread

Last week I decided to stop by one of my favorite Austin restaurants and shoot some photos of the staff & the space. I arranged this with their incredible marketing manager Whitney & I stopped by at around 2pm on a Tuesday. 

Texas French Bread is a restaurant that prides itself on making excellent food that is thoughtfully sourced and prepared. Every single menu item is heavily considered and well thought out. They take extra care to present local and sustainable foods to their patrons. 

The people at Texas French Bread are such a friendly bunch, but don't let that fool you when you visit. Each and every person there is well versed in the menu, the sources for the food & the wine selections. They're educated well to provide you with a more complete dining experience. They entire staff is under the direction of owner Murph Willcott. Murph makes the best bread I've ever had, which is appropriate given the restaurants name. Murph has a clear direction for the place that includes excellence, knowledge, and beauty in both ingredients and service. 

It's evident. Which made taking photos there a dream. 

Here are a few of my favorites from my afternoon at Texas French Bread.