December's #ATXconnectionmixer with Peached Social House, Argus Cidery and Mindy's Bakeshop

I was once sitting in one of my favorite coffee shops in Austin, waiting for a meeting, when I struck up a conversation with the person sitting next to me. Turns out, she and I had been circling each other socially for the past year or so and it took a coffee date running late and some magazines to bring us together. This friend is an event planner. 

There was this other time that a now good friend reached out to me via Instagram to see if I might want to shoot photos for her blog sometime. This person just happened to be someone of substantial Instagram clout who I had been following for a year or so already. She's a blogger who also has a particular affinity for building up a community. 

How do I get these two people to meet? Particularly in a space that they may be able to use, together one day for a community building event? 

That's where my connection mixers come in. I feel like there are a million and one ways that creative people in Austin could meet, but just absolutely don't for some reason. An email introduction can be missed depending on the busy of the season and who has time to match every couple of friends up in person for coffee dates? Not me!  

This past Tuesday I hosted my third #atxconnectionmixer (currently taking suggestions for new names) with the help of a gorgeous + perfectly minimalistic social house in North Austin, a delicious cider company that's as delectable as it is beautiful, and a fantastic baker who is near and dear to my heart (and stomach). We had breakfast for dinner, we laughed over one giant long table, and I got to make introductions all afternoon long. 

A huge thank you to Argus Cidery, Mindy's Bakeshop and last but certainly not least Peached Social House for being so accommodating + helping me make an afternoon and December memorable.