The 2016 Anti Bucket List!

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Greetings loved ones!

It's just about the time of year that everyone sets new resolutions + intentions for the new year at hand, and who am I kidding-- I'll be doing that too shortly. 

But first I wanted to take a moment and reflect on the past year. It's really easy to look back on a year an not know exactly what you did and why you should be proud. 

My sweet friend Nicole introduced me to the idea of the anti-bucket list. It serves as a little summation of all the things I ended up accomplishing, regardless of whether or not I sat out to do so in the first place. A lot of things can happen in a year, you know? 

  • I worked on 129 different paid projects over the past year. A thing that 2015 Chelsea would have never dreamed of. 
  • Wrote down goals for every month, and completed well over half of them. 
  • I learned to prioritize my health + I found a work out routine that works well for me. 
  • I expanded my culinary horizons and ate at a few great restaurants that would have once intimidated me (Like Olamaie!) 
  • I became a morning person. 
  • I addressed my own unhappiness with my job and faced huge scary thoughts like "Is this what I'm supposed to be doing?" and "Do I want to get a full time job?" The answers we're HECK YES, and HECK NO respectively. 
  • I learned that I had a voice on this little slice of internet heaven and I began to refine how to use it. 
  • I voted in an election that I cared deeply about. 
  • I shot the cover of a magazine!
  • I had my photos all over the place like in Tribeza, Austin Monthly, at Apartment Therapy, and in Forbes and Eater!
  • We finally faced our dog problems and Hank is on an aggression rehabilitation plan that's WORKING!
  • Tucker and I grew a ton in our relationship and learned a ton about each other. We've been together for nine and a half years y'all and if I could do it all over again the only thing I'd change is that I would have married that boy sooner. 
  • I shot for some awesome brands like 3M, She Shreds and Mashable at SxSW!
  • Tucker and I took a vacation to Big Bend and Marfa and I shot only film! 
  • I made a lot of really wonderful friends. 
  • I decided to implement a schedule and a set day off! 
  • I also sat a weekly co-working date with a business bestie and kept it for 3 months!
  • I hosted my first art show.
  • I drank approximately 400 cups of coffee. 
  • And last but not least, I ran my own photography business for a fully year as my full time job! 

What did you accomplish last year? I'd love to hear!