Christmas Tradition!

If you can't tell by now, I am Christmas' #1 fan. As a child my mom always got super into it, and while she notoriously is a typical mom when it comes to gifts now (read small ceramic vases that say 'for my daughter') as a child she was Mrs. Claus. Theres one story that she loves to tell (and she'd be delighted to know that I was telling it here) in which she individually wrapped 50 pieces of Barbie clothing. She probably scored all of them for $25 because she's thrifty like that, but man. Christmas was the best growing up. 

...and it has only gotten better as an adult. Can you believe that? When I got married I hit the jackpot for a ton of reasons but one of the best is that I married into a big family that loves Christmas. Tucker's mom taught me the art of the press cookie early on, and she makes them every year. We go to his grandparents house on Christmas day, one set for breakfast and one set for lunch! My family usually has Christmas Eve on lock (yep, we're from the same hometown). It's all pretty great and pretty festive. And my favorite part? It's all steeped in tradition!


There are two traditions that stand out as my absolute favorite though!

On Christmas Eve after everyone gets done doing their individual family stuff, we all go to Tucker's parent's house. We open one Christmas present on Christmas eve. There's usually a lot of coffee and a lot of cookies present for this. Everyone gathers around his parents living room, and by everyone I mean his 6 sisters, his oldest sister's 3 little boys, Tuck's parents, and the two of us that are lucky enough to have married in. And everyone open's their Christmas Eve present: PAJAMAS! Cozy, cute pajamas for everyone. We go change into them and we lounge around and hang out until it's time to go to sleep. 

The second thing that Tucker's family does a little differently is the Christmas stocking. When I was growing up the stocking was predominately for candy. It only happened on Christmas morning and it was always from Santa. As I got older, with my family, stockings went away. With Tucker's family we get stockings two or three times every year regardless of age. Tucker's mom has made everyone their own stocking out of old sweaters that match each of our personalities and it is way too precious for words. In Tucker's family the stocking is filled with small presents that are specifically tailored towards each person, and there's usually a level of practicality or personality with the presents! Cute socks, artisanal canned sodas, your favorite candies, makeup wipes, kitchen gadgets, books. I love it so much.

In the spirit of Francis family tradition, I rounded up a few presents that I want in my stocking this year, and the best part? They're all from Austin and they're all available for under $15 each!

Pecan, Cinnamon + Cardamom Collaboration Bars by Lick Honest Ice Creams + SRSLY Chocolate
Nice Butt Sticker + Girls Support Girls Enamel pin by Daisy Natives
Mini Notebook by May Designs
Caramels by Chocolaterie Tessa
Concrete Planter by Concrete Theory from The Paper + Craft Pantry
Giftcard + Enamel Pin from Alamo Drafthouse

This stocking has everything I love! A little bit of girl power and a great compliment, some tasty chocolates + caramels, something to house a plant (don't put a plant in a stocking with dirt in it! Dirt everywhere!) a gift card to my favorite movie theater, and a notebook to write down all my genius ideas for 2017! What more could a girl want?

What are some of your favorite Christmas traditions?