Christmas is coming! -- The 2016 Holiday Gift Guide πŸŽ„

Welcome to the absolute best month of the year-- DECEMBER! December is a month chock full of so so many things that I absolutely love. My birthday is in December. Christmas is in December. We get to travel home to North Carolina and see mountains in December. Sweaters, hot beverages, gifting and baking are hallmarks of the season and y'all-- it's just my absolute favorite. 

To commemorate this wonderful season of goodness + gifty-ness I thought I'd bring back the gift guide! Last year I put together this guide that I am so so proud of to this day and it's BACK! Here are some of my favorite gifts that I'll definitely be giving this season, broken down by category with easy links so you can shop until your heart is content!

All the gift wrap featured in those post is by the amazingly talented Antiquaria Design!

Gifts for clients!

This is the first year that I've had to think about presents for clients and honestly it felt a bit like uncharted territory at first. When searching I was reminded of my favorite gifts I've ever been given by people I've worked with-- a small plant for my desk, a nice candle to burn while I relax and a notebook. That's how I started my search for the perfect client Christmas goodies and I found some really great things all for under $40 each. 

Customizable Notebooks by May Designs
Holiday Jam Sampler by Confituras
Reclaimed Wooden Tray from Love Ding by Infinite Abyss!
Cactus Business Card Wallet by All of the Abovely
Eucalyptus + Peppermint Bath Scrub by Little Batch Co

Gifts for yourself! 

I mentioned before that December is my favorite because it's my double whammy month-- I get Christmas and my birthday. Historically I get so overwhelmed with shopping for everyone else that when family or friends ask what I might want to be gifted I have no earthly idea. So in the spirit of that I began to compile a few gifts that I might want to for myself. This year was simple -- I wanted a leather bag, some earrings some perfume, something embroidered and, as always, a necklace from 31 Bits.  

Sacred Entry Earrings by Nina Berenato Jewelry
Women's Travel Tote by Esperos
Mystic Layers Necklace by 31 Bits
Scent Cocktail Kit by Commodity Goods
Space Case by Shop Realm

Gifts for your sister or bestie!

If you know me you know this is my absolute favorite category. I have some strong female friendships + sisterhood-ships in my life and gifting them is one of my greatest holiday joys. Every year I try to encourage + empower them with a little something. I try to buy gifts specifically from female owned + fronted businesses for them, and I try to enforce to them that they are capable of anything they might want to do. This year it seems like everyone has been able to use a dose of strength and happiness so I centered my gifts around that. 

Ecru + Matte Black Small Bracelet by Betty Alida
Classic Key Necklace by The Giving Keys
Cactus Botanical Tote Bag by Curious Prints
Rise + Grind Mug by Interlaced Goods
52 Lists of Happiness by Moorea Seal

Gifts for your significant other!

To put it bluntly: my husband is incredibly hard to shop for. That's how this whole category came about. Generally gift guides totally miss the mark on my fella. It's usually a sprinkling of mustache puns, plaid everything and quasi macho things and that's absolutely not what I wanted for my boo this year. These gifts could easily be gifted to any significant other and they are all companies that have a wide number of offerings. When I went to shop at these places there were very clear things that stood out and said 'Tucker Francis' to me and I think you'll find that true for you as well. 

Howdy Baseball Cap by Frankie Jean
Mid-century Silver Capped Glassware by Melody's Joy
Customizable Luggage Tag by Foto
Greenbelt Tee by Curious Ramblers
Dopp Kitt by Esperos
Orange + Clove Candle by Slow North

What are you gifting this year? What's on your Christmas wish list? I want to know!

+ Be on the lookout for some super fun Christmas giveaways this week. It's going to be a blast!