Small Goals: November!

Photo by  Ideology Photography . 

It's a new month which means I've got new goals in mind! After the absolute whirlwind that was last week, let's just say I'm ready to look ahead and be hopeful. November is my second favorite month, with December being #1 and January being #3 so let's just say I'm a little excited about what's in store.  Lets check in and see how I did with last month's list!

1) Try a new work-out routine. // DID IT! I tried a new workout class and tried some reward systems. Aqua Yoga's #1 fan right here. 
2) Write things down more. // DID IT! And I ordered some new May books to boot!
3) Sell some clothes and some camera equipment. Maybe to Uptown Cheapskate? Maybe on Poshmark? // NOPE! Totally forgot about this one. Moving it to next month. 
4) File my taxes. // DID IT! 
5) Channel my inspiration into a mood board. // DID IT! I channelled it into a hanging inspiration installation. 

I just realized that it's been an entire year of setting goals and taking names. Can you believe that? Here are my big goals for November!

1) Create a gift guide for the holidays. 
2) Re-vamp my website + finish my branding. 
3) Sell some clothes and camera equipment. 
4) Fill out my worksheet packet from Own Your Why.
5) Begin my 27 before 27 list (and finally run the dang 5k). 

What's on your goal list? Let me know in the comments below!