one little word for 2016

It's 2016! Holy cow! Cue the banners & the confetti! Cue the cupcakes or the kale! 

I've been looking forward to 2016 for the past two months or so, honestly because I felt ready to be done with 2015. We've talked about it. 2015 was hard and full of a lot great things and also a lot of mistakes (READ: I accidentally started a business with no clue as to what I was doing) and I'm ready to start 2016 and do a heck of a lot better. Every year I set goals, pick words, set intentions, and resolve to be all the things a person decides to do in the new year. This year, I went about things a little differently. Yes, I did set goals & I do have a word. But I prepared for this. I've thought long and hard about exactly what I want 2016 to look like and what I need it to look like and well... here's what I've come up with. My word of 2016 is...

QUALITY: 1) the standard of something as measured against other things of a similar kind; the degree of excellence of something. 2) a distinctive attribute or characteristic possessed by someone or something.

Quality was not the word I wanted to be my word of the year. It absolutely wasn't. I wanted something really pretty. Joy. Rest. Resilience. Fervor. Well. But I felt quality calling to me. I want this year to be marked by quality. I want every once of it to be thought out and determined as excellence. I want to be intentional with how & what I'm doing. This is going to be my quality year. It was also cemented when I read that one of my favorite bloggers, Natalie Creates, chose quality as her word once upon a time. 

So what does that mean exactly?

Well it applies in four different areas and has a lot of fluidity in the definition so bare with me. 

1) Quality of self care
This year I want to take time for me. I want to figure out a hobby. I want to take time to rest (even though I'm writing this on my day off!) I want to find time to go on vacation. I want to find out what I like to do and do those things. This means getting haircuts (which I'm bad at!) and buying fun things like good shoes and great bras (which I'm also bad at) and getting rid of the stuff that doesn't make me happy like bras that don't fit and shoes that are way past their prime. This also means finding an exercise routine that I enjoy and taking time to ease my anxiety through movement. 

2) Quality of relationships
Part of the 2015 was so good was because I met a lot of new people. I want to foster new relationships & be intentional with my wonderful already existing relationships. I also want to focus on my marriage and hopefully go on a trip out of state for #chuckermoon5! 

3) Quality of work
I want to work less, while working smarter. This means a small decrease in the number of sessions I'm able to take on every month I also want to be able to put money into my business this year. This change also means that I get to travel more for work! I'm wanting to go to Seattle, LA, San Francisco, Salt Lake City & Virginia this year, so if you live there EMAIL ME :) Quality of business means I have a plan and a mentor. Quality of business means I now have an operating budget!! This means I get to buy gear, classes, mentoring, and a new laptop this year!! This means getting to create better images for incredible human beings! I will also be logging my work hours now in my Day Designer! That's right, y'all! I figured out a great way to use it! 

4) Quality of consumption
As a couple, Tucker and I want to purchase smarter. We want to care about the things we're consuming and where they come from. This means getting a CSA delivered every week and shopping organic when we can.This also means eating at home more & choosing well when we do go out. We're also one whole week into no sodas as of today!

What's your word of the year? What are your resolutions? I want to know! And how has it been going? Part of my resolving involved getting to purchase this wonderful Giving Key and a brand new hat from Goorin Brother's Hat Shop! I've wanted a hat for quite a while now, and Tucker suggested instead of browsing Target for one, I make a commitment to a hat I'll have for a while. You know, because QUALITY. 

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