The January Rough

 MAN. Did January suck or what? The start of the year got off to a rocky start. Yes-- I accomplished A LOT. 

And yes, I got a new home! A real and actual home with a back yard and good light and a fireplace that works. It's a rental but it feels like home. 

And yes, I stopped biting my fingernails, thanks for asking. 

But man. This month chewed me up and spit me out. I feel like this moment, right now is the first time I've actually felt like I was resting all month. 

Looking for a new home, mentally preparing to leave an old home even though your relationship with your apartment is complicated, cleaning and moving out of a home, working super hard, accomplishing your goals, and all that good stuff-- those are HARD things. 

January was HARD.

It's okay to admit it. It's okay. We all want a picture perfect January. We all want the sun to shine on every single day and we want it to look and feel happy because after all -- HELLO NEW YEAR NEW YOU. 

But honestly this year so far is a lot of the same stuff. I'm more determined and I'm proud of that fact, but mostly it's the same challenges. I'm getting a lot done in 2016, that's for sure. I'm chasing happiness down like that's my job. 

But January? For me it was fine. I survived and in 5 short hours it will be over. 

I'm dedicating this blog post to my deer friend Abbey Sargent.