January Quality Report

So I chose this word of the year and the word I chose was QUALITY. 

It's been a challenge to say the least. I thought it would be fun to give you a little update every month of where I'm honing in the quality and how I'm doing. This keeps me accountable because I know I'll want to talk about it here on the blog, and it keeps me humble too. 

This month I accomplished the following quality related things!

  • I stopped biting my fingernails. 
  • I ate smarter.
  • I visited the gym a handful of times. 
  • When searching for a new place, I searched within the direct vicinity of my gym and BINGO. Found a place much much closer. 
  • I found a home that was much better than my last apartment. 
  • When buying furniture for the new home, we chose fewer smarter pieces. 
  • I decided to not buy any new clothes in January and I succeeded! 
  • I moved out of the dungeon apartment. 
  • I moved into a beautiful home and I'm looking forward to making it feel nice and homey. 
  • I logged my work hours and tried to get more accomplished in more focused work time. 

    Here are some things I'd like to focus on for February!
  • Continue to not bite my nails.
  • Come up with a gym schedule. 
  • Continue to log my work hours and plan out my weeks beforehand.
  • Choose outfits ahead of time and pull them out of my closet. 
  • Take more time for self care. 
  • Try to enjoy working more. (Like right now. I'm sitting outside in my backyard, cycling between blogging and editing photos and drinking champagne!) 
  • Eat out less. Eat in more. 

    What was your word of the year? How are you focusing in on it? How'd you do in January?