2015 in 50(ish) frames

To say that these photos mean a lot to me would be a total understatement. 2015 was a lot of things. It was the year I moved to Austin. It was the year I got my dog, Hank. And it was the year that I learned to stand on my own two feet with my camera and say "hey! I want to do this as my job!" 

Putting this set together made me cry several times. These photos were the boss I worked for all year and seeing them together makes me feel both proud & full of nostalgia.

Isn't it funny how images of someone else can make you feel those things? I feel like I learned a lot from pulling some of my favorites from the past year. Some are personal, some are Instagram snaps, some are from sessions, some are published in magazines, all of them mean something to me.

There are several headshots from Texas Style Council in this blog post. I hosted a headshot session for campers and at the time I only knew two or three people who came. I shot portraits of around 50 beautiful women that day and everyone of them mean so much to me. Some of those women are now some of my dear friends, I've helped some of them launch their new businesses, I'm internet besties with nearly all of the rest of them, and they are all kept in a special part of my heart. 

Without further adieu, this is what 2015 looked like through my lens.