we're moving!

Photo Jan 19, 10 54 44 AM.jpg

Everyone once in a while things just come together. After months of deliberation & planning, Tucker and I decided that we needed a bigger home & a backyard. In Austin, That's hard to get in a budget. So we decided to see if our best friend, Stephanie, would want to move in with us! She said yes and we began the home search. 

To be honest finding a home is stressful and completely unfun. We wanted a rental, with three bedrooms, a back yard, with a privacy fence, and a tree or two. We each had other things we wanted. Stephanie wanted somewhere that was nicer than her last apartment, Tucker wanted a gas stove. I wanted light. I wanted a place where I could have a big table and entertain friends. I've always wanted that. I just have.

And we found it. All of those things wrapped into one perfect house that was only two hundred dollars over budget. Split three ways, that's not even that bad. 

Now our life is in boxes. Tomorrow is move in day. My list is a mile long, and the surprises that have popped out of the woodwork this week are intense including, but not limited too, a $600 mistake concerning electricity, spending two days trying to become a Texas resident, telling myself not to cry, and crying everyday. 

I'm so incredibly excited to be in a new place. I'm stoked. I've lived in a dark dungeon of an apartment for a year now. We thought it was nice, and it was. We didn't realize that it had almost no natural light. Right now, at 10 am, I am sitting in near darkness struggling to see what Hank is doing under the couch right in front of me. It's so important to figure out what you need from a place. I've opened up about the anxiety I've experienced over the past few years, and honestly I feel like living in a dark cave didn't help. 

I am beyond elated to photograph & share the new place with you. I think it's going to be such a happy place for us. This is going to be a good year, even though January was BRUTAL. Anyone else?