West Elm Blogger Dinner \\ September 13th, 2015

Once in a while I get to do really cool things as part of my job. I love going to meetings, challenging people to succeed and taking photos, as you know. I feel like there's so much amazingness in taking in and materializing a moment just as it felt. That's always my goal with photography. To make you love yourself and your moment a bit more than you did before we met. My passions are two fold, though. I also love connecting people. West Elm Austin contacted me a few months ago and asked if I was interested in hosting workshops and ever since that email exchange I've been in love. A month or so ago I began working with the team there to plan something really special. We decided we wanted invite a group of creative women in, have dinner, talk about the creative community in Austin.

Sidebar- If you are a creative, or really a person in general, and you've somehow ended up believing the lie that you are alone, I ask kindly that you reconsider. You aren't alone. There's someone that is right there with you. There's someone that is fighting the same battles you are, and they may just be an Instagram comment, email, or Facebook message away. I really hope you reach out to someone. Find some people. Your people. Because that's one of the most fulfilling things I've ever experienced -- the thing that happens 6 months after you send the weird email asking to get coffee with someone -- creative community

I'm so excited to see the workshop schedule for the coming months at West Elm, because it's going to be incredible. A huge thank you to everyone who came out last night, and everyone who showed interest in attending the next one! If you're interested in coming to the next blogger dinner, leave your email below and I'll forward it on to the right folks! 

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