How We Clean

So it's no surprise to most people that I'm disorganized as far as our home goes. Or I used to be. Lately I've been living in the flux of wanting to be organized and trying my hardest to be organized but not knowing how to execute. This topic relates to two of my July goals! I wanted to make a cleaning schedule, but I also wanted to work on making my marriage better. One of the biggest points of contention for T & I is that we both want a tidy, organized home that runs well, but we don't know how to get there and we don't know what to expect of each other. With the addition of a pet into our home it's more important than ever for us to figure this out, mostly for our sanity. 

Also with me working for myself, it's important for my anxiety management that I have control over my home and so I want that desperately. 

So this is how the conversation of the big cleaning checklist came about. 

I wanted something that felt easy and doable, but would also get the job done. I wanted something that wouldn't be monotonous. I wanted something I could implement.

And I think I just may have figured it out. 

Here's the cleaning list we're going to be attempting to implement. 

Daily Tasks (split between the two of us!) 

Load dishwasher
Wipe down kitchen countertops
Vaccuum floors (& couch if necessary)
Clean out fridge (if necessary) 
Make bed
Take dog bags to trashcan behind apartment
Put away clothes that are clean
Take trash out (if necessary)
Prepare dinner

Weekly Tasks (One a day, split between the two of us!) 

Swiffer wet jet all floors
Clean out shower
Take out bathroom trash
Do laundry
Sanitize sink and clean out shower
Clean up outdoor area
Clean out microwave
Clean stovetop & oven
Tidy up closets
Tidy up office 

My hope is that this list will take the guess work out of what we are supposed to be doing. I think it's going to help us work together and live in tidy, happy apartment harmony <3