Maker Monday 011: Little Skunk Co.

I love when people make things that are happy. I'm so stoked to bring you a Maker Monday this week that is full of happy.

Little Skunk Co. is a home decor who focuses mainly on pillows, pennants and kid's decor. It began as a hand cut felt venture, but recently has grown to offer screen printing!

I first met Lauren back in October when I visited Austin for the second time. After I met her I looked up her company and I absolutely fell in love with her goodies. Lauren is kind, witty, young at heart, and super fun. All of these things are expressed in her work. She's so talented at what she does and she loves it. 

When I went in for my visit to her home studio I was delighted with how bright and beautiful it was. I shot photos of her for a while, she showed me some wedding photos and then we met up with one of our friend Becky for some tacos & queso. All in all the day left me feeling really inspired and really encouraged.

She's giving away a banner over on my Instagram today so go check it out if that's your kind of deal!

Have a happy Monday!