June Goals!


Since last we spoke a whole lot has happened and because of those things I totally and utterly blew it on the May goals. 

To recap here's the list: 

1) Get a haircut.  || DID IT BOO YA. 
2) Use my Day Designer every day for a week. || NOPE. But I'm not giving up. 
3) Sew one thing by the end of May. || NOPE.
4) Meal plan weekly. || NOPE. 
5) Read two books. || KIND OF. I read Scary Close by Donald Miller. 
6) Read Utmost daily. || NOPE. Moving this to June. 
7) Keep home cleaner. || Sort of. Not really. I'm trying to get better at adulting.
8) Move for 30 minutes a day. || NOPE.
9) Get ahead and stay ahead on laundry.  || HAHAHA. NOPE.
10) Book 5 total sessions! || HA! YES! DID IT! 

As I write this blog I'm sitting beside Nicole from Writes Like a Girl  (She's the queen of goals!) and she's being very stern with me about the fact that I made too many goals. Y'all. She's right. I did. A lot of the goals I made with good intentions BUT things like 'Get more organized' or 'Move more' are definitely more like mindsets to get into than things to check off of lists. 

Outside of these goals I actually accomplished a whole lot during the month of May. I planned a great birthday celebration for Tucker along with the help of some of our dearest friends, I quit my part time job, I went to a ton of fantastic events, I met and photographed some fantastic people, we hosted some great friends at our house who were visiting from out of town, I accidentally got rid of a ton of clothes and ended up with a semi-capsule wardrobe, I attended a clothing swap and am now hooked, and I bought a swimsuit. 

So for June I'm going to make 5 goals and work super hard to accomplish all of them. I want to complete 10 goals eventually but I'm not ready for it any time soon! 

Here are my June goals! 

1) Rest! One hour a day. One day a week. One weekend a month. 
2) Read two books! 
3) Swim more! 
4) Take photos for fun!
5) Find a new hobby!

Bonus every month goal: Utilize Day Designer more!

That's all for now. I'm going to get to getting by starting my rest hour NOW at the coffee shop my husband works at. 

Have a happy Monday tomorrow, y'all!