July Goals!

Hello again! It's a new month, and even though I don't understand how June flew by I am absolutely at it's mercy.

Here's a recap on June's goals!

1) Rest! One hour a day. One day a week. One weekend a month. 
I did pretty good with this one! I rested pretty well but I realized I don't have anything that I like to do that is restful! Hence the whole 'finding a new hobby' goal. But I rested. I did. I promise!

2) Read two books! 
I started two and finished 0! I started 'Tiny Beautiful Things' by Cheryl Strayed and 'Pansy' by Andrea Gibson and I picked back up 'If You Find This Letter' by Hannah Brencher, but I finished none of them :( 

3) Swim more! 
I went swimming 4 times in June, which by definition is more than 0 times. But I love swimming so much so July will be fun of swimming. 

4) Take photos for fun!
I did it! I took a lot of photos for fun in June! so Yay! 

5) Find a new hobby!
I tried so many things and pretended I enjoyed them. I tried walking for fun. Didn't love it. I tried dog walking for fun. Nope. I tried reading as relaxation. Nuh uh. I tried cooking again and I kind of liked it. I landed on making up recipes. I thought it was fun and challenging. I made popsicles without any direction of anything and they were killer. I'm still looking for a new hobby, but hey! Closer to knowing what I want to do! So cooking/freezing things/swimming. Go team!

For July I think I have a good handle on goal making. 

Here they are: 

1) Swim more. A lot more. 
2) Come up with a home cleaning schedule and stick to it. 
3) Intentionally shoot a photo a day. 
4) Blog mostly everyday. I'm thinking 5 times a week. 
WHAT. I know. Someone asked me if I liked blogging and I didn't have an answer for them so this month I'm going to find out.
5) Invest in my marriage. Because marriage is important and I don't want to ever accidentally not enjoy every second of it. 

There you have it.

My audacious goals for July!

What do you want to accomplish this month? Let me know in the comments below!