Maker Monday 012: Allyn Brown

Today's Maker Monday is completely and totally the idea that I had behind the series. I call it Maker Monday because I LOVE showcasing people who are creative in a bunch of different areas of their lives. 

This isn't my typical Maker Monday session because I've taken these photos all over the course of the past three or four years. 

But Allyn is too awesome not to share. 

Allyn Brown is not only a photographer. She is also a mother, a dance instructor, and a wife. She's my sister-in-law as well, but that's not why I'm writing this post about her. She is a maker through and through. She makes dance moves, photos, cute babies and a home for her family. Most of the time her every-day is filled to the brim with different tasks concerning a bunch of different occupations.

This woman is a powerhouse. 

Allyn is so good at showcasing her beautiful but real life on her blog and on her Instagram. As it pertains to her day-to-day, life is not always pretty, but it can always be beautiful. Allyn really believes that and champions that in both my life and her own all the time.

Allyn and I started our photography businesses together with no direction and no clue what we were doing really. All we knew is that we were doing it with someone to cheer us on. She has since grown into an incredible photographer with a sense of direction. I'm so proud to call her my sister.

She has a beautiful website & a beautiful Instagram feed! Check her out!

If you're interested in booking a Maker Session and would like to be featured on Maker Monday email me at! I'd love to know your story and hear about what you make <3