Maker Monday 010: Poppy and Fern

I reference 'the hustle' a lot. The hustle, to me, is the desire and the push to get stuff done because it matters a lot to you. As makers and creatives we usually end up somewhere at the intersection of 'I'm really passionate about this' and 'I really need this to make me money' and this is where the hustle comes in. 

I learned about the hustle from my now good (GREAT) friend Rachel of Poppy and Fern. Rachel has the hustle. She calls it her tiny embroidery hustle. Poppy and Fern is a online retailer of embroidered goods. From notebooks, to wall hangings, to (most predominately) stitched necklaces she embroiders it all. She started her Etsy shop in early 2010 and since has racked up 1700 sales as of today. This lady is an embroidery boss. 

I love Rachel because she is incredibly genuine. She approaches everything she does with love and with grace and I so appreciate that. She and her husband, Josh, are some of the kindest and most welcoming human beings I've ever met and personally, they were some of the early folks that made Austin feel much more like home for us. 

I met Rachel last October when I came to visit Austin. I sent her an email that I wrote with really shaky and nervous keystrokes and I asked if I could shoot her. In her studio. I, along with a ton of other people, follow along with her life on Instagram. Outside of Instagram we had never interacted until I emailed her. I had no clue who I was meeting, but I was not at all surprised when we showed up at Rachel's studio (her cute apartment in North Austin) and she was so warm and welcoming. We shot for a couple of hours and then she and her husband Josh asked if we wanted to grab dinner making them the third and fourth people in Austin to befriend us. In a nutshell that's who Rachel is. 

Over the next few months Rachel checked in on us and asked about the move several times, and to be honest knowing that there were a few people here in Austin that were excited about us moving was one of the factors that made it less terrifying to move.

I asked Rachel to let me come and shoot her again a month or two ago. While I was there I sat in her floor, played with her pup and drank her cold brew. I shot these photos in the last couple of minutes of our time together. 

Meet Poppy and Fern!